You must navigate cowboy Marshall Gram through the different strings
of time to destroy the evil scientist Vulcor, rescue Princess Kyi-La
of The Galactic Federation and save the universe from oblivion.
The laserdisc game is rather unique in that it uses a parabolic mirror
to project its images, thus creating a hologram-like effect for its gameplay.

Cabinet Information
The game is a large white unit with a "Time Traveler" emblem across the top (its marquee). The game's stereo sound is provided by two speakers, located to the left and right of the emblem. There is a large flat glass lens playing field that displays the actions of the game as a hologram. Located above the lens is a scrolling LED display that displays your score, credits, or whatever the game wants to converse to you in writing. It has a joystick located in front of the playing field that allows you to go left, right, jump, or duck. It also has a red attack button and a blue time reversal cube button that flashes. There is a Hologram emblem located on the front of the game, and a big Sega sticker located at the base. There is also an optional header for the game.

Cheats, Tricks and Bugs
By pressing both game buttons and pulling down on the joystick with a credit in the game you will see Rick Dyer dancing around with his son Cory on his back. By pressing both game buttons and pushing up on the joystick with a credit in the game you will see the game's design team.

Game Play
Use the joystick to direct Marshall Gram towards the correct paths, safely past any danger, during each time era he ventures to. Sometimes tiny blue flashes will help you make the right decisions. The joystick is also used to make Marshall Gram jump or duck in certain sequences. During certain parts of the game, press the fire button to have Marshall Gram shoot at enemies with his gun, or at other times, punch, kick or use a sword to defeat his foes.
At the beginning of the game you receive one Time Reversal Cube and are given the choice of either learning the moves you need for the game or immediately starting. If Marshall Gram perishes in the midsts of the game he can use a Time Reversal Cube to regain his life. Additional Time Reversal Cubes can be bought from The Trader for additional credits, but there is a limit of how many Cubes that can be purchased per game.

Whenever Marshall Gram dies, there will sometimes be a short intermission where an ancient wizard will say either "Do not forget about your Time Reversal Cubes!", "Maybe you should have ducked!", "You missed this time, next time try jumping!" or "You are all out of Time Reversal Cubes, go see The Trader!". At other places in the game, The Devil will dare you to play his game called "Hell Gate" which is like a slot machine. If you play it, depending on which three pictures you get and depending on the matches and sequences, you will either win an extra life, lose a life or lose all your lives. If you lose everything there will be a sign saying "Welcome To Hell" and the game will end.

Marshall Gram's quest begins in
1873 -- The Wild West" where the enemies will be cowboy outlaws, Indians and Mexican bandidos. After that level you will be able to select one of the following time eras:

50,000 B.C. -- The Primitive Era where the enemies are cavemen and amazons

1998 -- The Post-Holocaust where the enemies are drug dealers, street gangs, baseball players, homocidal maniacs and radioactive zombies

2173 -- The Age Of Science where the enemies are robots, computerized beings and intergalactic warriors who can turn into spaceships. Sometimes in this era, Marshall Gram will travel to the year 30,212 where he will be in a starless void that will have a message saying "End Of The Universe", meaning that this will become reality if Vulcor succeeds.
Some strange anciently symbolized time period called The Age Of Magic where the enemies are flying swords, genies, archers, Arabs, fireeaters, sorceresses and wizards.

1350 -- The Age Of Warriors" where the enemies are knights, warlords, samurais and ninjas. In this era Marshall Gram cannot use his gun so he must fight by punching, kicking or using a sword. After that, Marshall Gram will finally make it to the year 2552 where he must get past a few dangers of the future. He must then try to stop Vulcor, rescue Kyi-La and prevent the fabric of time in the universe from being ripped apart by Vulcor's evil experiment. If you make it past this part of the game, Kyi-La is rescued, the universe is safe and The Galactic Federation cheers for Marshall Gram.

Scarcity in collections (
Uncommon - There are 13 known instances of this game owned by one of our 900 members. Of these, 10 of them are original dedicated machines, 0 of them are conversions in which game circuit boards have been placed in another game cabinet, and 3 of them are only circuit boards which a collector could put into a generic case if desired.

Of the 39,727 video games (3,092 unique) tracked by the Video Game Preservation Society, this game ranks a 13 on a scale out of 100 (100 = most commonly seen, 1=least common) in popularity based on ownership records.

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This was the first hologram game, created by Rick Dyer of Dragon's Lair and Thayer's Quest fame.

Time Traveler